September Favorites

So because I recently moved and am going back to school, I’ve been doing a lot of shopping recently. Granted, a lot of it was for neither reason, but that’s besides the point. So, since I happen to have bought a bunch of awesome things, I thought I’d share them with you guys in case you are in need of some awesome things! 😀

This post will consist of three categories!

  1. School/Desk Supplies & Electronics
  2. Clothes and Shoes
  3. Miscellaneous Favorites

School Supplies and Electronics

2015-09-18 14.51.56

1. Logitech Wireless Mouse with Blue Chevron Pattern

I’ve definitely needed a mouse for my computer since forever and I finally bought this one because it just looked so cute! Definitely worth the purchase, especially when I get to use my two monitor set up come school time.

2.  Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens (10 Pack)

So, I was avoiding trying to buy these pens for the longest time. I mean, I already had the Stabilo and Stabilo mini pens, so why would I need even more pens? Well, unfortunately for me, during my internship I met two women who were just raving about these pens! So, I succumbed to peer pressure and I can honestly say these pens are far superior to (almost) anything else I’ve ever used. I feel like the only pen I like better are the Sakura Pigma Micron Ink pen…those are way more expensive and way less colorful.

3. Anker Lipstick Portable Charger

My boyfriend got these for me because my phone keeps dying and the other portable charger we have is bigger and bulkier! This thing is compact enough where I don’t notice it in my purse, but still manages to keep my phone going for hours and hours! It also comes with a sturdy little carrying pouch so the wires don’t get everywhere. 😀

4. Scotch Expressions Washi Tape in silver and light blue

I don’t have much to say about these except for the fact I’ve pretty much decorated everything I can with just these two colors! They’re so pretty, thin and sticky as hell. 😀 Even on the outside of my journal, these tapes have just barely started to come off and only on the corners. Two thumbs up for good quality tape!

5. Pentalic Traveler Pocket Journal Sketchbook (3 x 4 inches)

I’ve written, sketched and doodled all over this notebook and the paper quality is superb! It feels like really good paper that won’t bleed through no matter what I’m using. It is also small enough where I can shove it in my purse or pocket for easy access when I need to take quick notes.

Clothes and Shoes


Top Left: Featuring a Hollister Sweater with is the comfiest thing in the world! Too bad it’s still like 90 degrees outside or I would wear it forever! Also in this picture is a random V-neck from Target  which is the most comfy thing the world!

Top Right: This bold pattern shirt was a clearance find at Ross! It is also super comfy and pretty thin which is great for the late summer heat!

Bottom: My school shoes! The left two are from Marshalls and are the brand Blowfish. This brand apparently have super squishy padding within the shoes making them the comfiest pairs of shoes I have! The brown ones were a find from Ross! It was a spontaneous love at first sight kind of buy.

Miscellaneous favorites

2015-09-18 15.15.13

For these favorites, there’s not really much to say except. For the plants, adding some greenery to a desk can help you relax after staring at a screen all day. For the candles, choose scents that calm you down and help you relax. And finally for the button coasters…well, they’re just adorable aren’t they? All names of products and links are below!

1. & 2. Polka Dot Plant from Lowes and French Lavender Plant from Trader Joe’s

3. Chesapeake Bay Candle Home Scents in Waterfall from Burlington Coat Factory

4. Goose Creek Minted Eucalyptus Candle from Ross

5. Ikea SINNLIG Candle in Beach Breeze

6. Silicone Button Coasters from Amazon


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