October Favorites!

Howdy, y’all!

I’m taking a small break from the general grad school advice posts and doing something a bit more fun! Because life isn’t all about school, amirite? (Also this is my chance to play amateur photographer with inanimate objects.

Today I will be showing you guys my October favorites, because I like stuff and I get regular paychecks now like a normal human being!

Again, this post is divided into three categories!

  1. School Supply Favorites
  2. Home Decor Favorites
  3. Fashion Favorites

School Supplies


So, since it’s a month into the term, I haven’t had to buy much in terms of school supplies. I did however manage to sneak these two things in my shopping list!

First up is my brand new Vela Research Laboratory Notebook! It’s a gorgeous notebook with good quality squared paper that doesn’t allow pens to bleed through. It’s also a hard cover, which is great for when it gets thrown around my backpack or when it will eventually be tossed around lab.

Speaking of bleeding pens, my second favorite thing I bought this month are my Staedtler Triplus Fineliner 0.3 mm in Black. I, mistakenly, gave my single black fineliner to a friend to borrow for a few minutes. Little did I know that he death grips pens, making the poor tip of my fineliner sad and uneven! 😦 So, I decided to splurge and just by a 6 pack of these babies because they’re so damn awesome and I love writing with them. Also, I wanted an excuse to buy more pens…

Home Decor (aka Ikea and Candles)


I have reached that time of my life where I have become an adult that enjoys decorating her home. I never foresaw myself getting to this point in life, but lo and behold it snuck up on me! So, after a nice trip to Ikea with some good grad school friends of mine and a trip to Home Depot to buy lots and lots of house plants, I willing spent money on all the items mentioned Below. (Of course, I made up for my adulting by buying a tiny little mouse plush that’s hidden in the picture. No I did not carry it on my head the entire time I was at Ikea. That’s just childish! [But I totally did!])

  1. Ikea Borrby Lantern (meant for a candle, but instead I put a random plant, cuz why not)
  2. A Sinnlig Strawberry Scented Candle
  3. Knubbig Table Lamp
  4. An “Under the Mistletoe” Scented Signature Soy Candle at Target



Because who doesn’t like looking nice? All of these purchases were from Yesstyle.com, which you can visit to see all the pretty models that show off these clothes way better than I ever would! 😀

  1. Faux Suede Lace-Up Ankle Boots in Black
  2.  Convertible Plaid Scarf
  3.  Floral Chiffron Shirt/Cardigan
  4. Robot Necklace!

That’s it for this month! 🙂 Happy November!


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