Tips for Studying on your Period


Periods. They can be uncomfortable and annoying to deal with. Unfortunately, though, life doesn’t stop for your period and those times of discomfort can arrive during times when term papers are due, exams are quickly approaching and studying just needs to get done. So, here are some things I do when I’m on my period in order to ease the symptoms and keep my mind sharp and focused!


Pack Extra Pads or Tampons

In my opinion, nothing is worse than that panic that sets in when you realize you just got your period but have no pad or tampon on hand! Therefore, make sure to pack extra feminine products and store them in your backpack or locker. Also, always double check your supply if you know your period is soon approaching. Not only will it keep your undies nice and clean but it will also erase one less distraction from studying!

Dark, comfy clothing

If I know I’m going to be on my period soon, I try and plan out my clothing ahead of time. Black, loose jeans are my period clothing of choice because the material is thick enough where I don’t have to worry about accidental leakages and stretchy enough where I can sit for long periods of time in order to get some work done, despite the uncomfortable cramps and bloating.

Heating Pads

Heating pads do wonders for cramps. If you can, bring a small heating pad or heated bottle of water to place against your stomach and ease the pain of those pesky cramps. Bonus points if you have a scented heating pad that can help calm your nerves through aromatherapy. If you don’t want to lug a heating pad around because it’s too cumbersome, another suggestion would be to bring a sweater and wrap it around your stomach in order to retain the heat.

Work at home, if you can

I’m lucky that my period symptoms aren’t extreme. I can more or less make it through the day without much hassle. However, for some of women, periods are absolute hell–close to unbearable. Therefore, listen to your body. If you know it’s going to be a bad couple of days, do your best to work from home if you can. That way, your body can rest up and do it’s thing, but you still don’t fall behind with work.

Take stretching breaks

There have been studies that show that exercise can help period symptoms. However, if you don’t have time for a full out exercise routine, simple quick stretches can help get the blood flowing just enough to warm up your muscles and ease cramps.

Drink lots of water

Water is necessary for your body to function. It can be even more important when you’re on your period. After all, staying hydrated can reduce cramping and bloating. So keep that water bottle handy so you can stay more comfortable during those study sessions!

Pain Relief

For my own personal reasons, I’m really stubborn when it comes to taking medication. But sometimes, you just can’t avoid it. Make sure you have pain relief packed somewhere in your backpack or purse in case this month is worse than usual. There’s no point in forcing yourself to endure the pain, especially when you have more important things to do.

Pack (healthy) treats

Okay, I’m not sure about you all, but my periods make me hungry! I crave every kind of food imaginable and if I don’t have a snack handy, there is absolutely no way I can concentrate on the work at hand. So, bring something to eat when for when those cravings get bad but also be sure that snack is a healthy one! Salty foods may actually make you more bloated and certain foods may end up dehydrating you, allowing a higher chance of cramping!

So there you have it! These are all the things I do to make sure my period doesn’t interrupt my life any more than it has to. What do you do to make studying easier on your period? Let me know in the comments below!



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