To Mother Dearest :)


My mom is my rock. She’s my hero. And today I want to show some appreciation to how amazing she is and how important a role she plays in my life. Because, honestly, none of this *gestures to everything* would have been possible without her. Only through her constant encouragement and sacrifices was I able to make it through college, and the later to grad school. And despite all the rough patches in life we had to go through together, she always made sure that I had every resource I needed to keep doing well in my studies and strive towards my little girl dreams.

This woman is spectacular and strong, with a heart as large as can be. And although grad school has a knack for keeping me from my loved ones, I just wanted to take the time and publicly tell her that I miss her constantly! Her humor. Her quirkiness. Her witty comebacks… Her motherly hugs. If I grow up to be half as strong, funny and humble as she is, it would be a great feat. And if I manage to be as great as a mom in the future… Well damn, I’d be amazingly lucky.

I love you, mom! So so so much! Despite your knack for underestimating yourself, in my eyes you most definitely deserve the world.

Happy Mother’s Day from the girl who has always admired you and still looks up to you till this day!



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