Adulting Fails


So recently, a lot has been happening in my life. Not just with grad school, but real actual adult life too. And I can honestly say that some days just end up being complete and utter chaos. It’s so frustrating! I curse the day when tiny Krystal in pig tails said she wanted to “grow up.” 0/10. Would not recommend.

Anyway, I have recently watched this video by Jenna Marbles and this video by Grace Helbig (because Youtube is my guilty pleasure) and I really liked the idea they had about expelling all that negative energy in hopes that some good vibes will replace them. So that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m releasing all my recent adulting fails to the internet universe and hope that this will result in me becoming an actual functioning adult. (Or at the very least make someone feel better that they’re a better adult than I am…which isn’t hard.)

Will it work? Who knows. But enjoy the pictures, gifs, weird emojis and pathetic failures along the way!

Sorting Through my Mail

allthebest5I have a very large pile of unopened mail. I have no idea why it’s so hard for me to sit down and read the potentially important documents inside these envelopes, but I just can’t. Every time I get something and I can’t immediately identify it as spam, I just toss it on my desk with all the other sad, unopened envelopes and forget about them. I mean, most of the time I can figure out what they are and I make an effort to at least open the ones I know are bills, but I could have a letter saying I inherited a million dollars and I wouldn’t know. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Talking on the Phone


Though this one is common, I absolutely hate answering the phone or even instigating a simple phone call in order to, oh I don’t know, make an appointment. It is so bad in fact that if the office or lab phone rings, I will physically walk out of the room so I am not responsible for answering it. I don’t know why it’s so scary, but it is! And if I am absolutely forced to make a phone call I will procrastinate it for as long as I can or try and coax my boyfriend into doing it for me. It’s a real problem.

Decorating my Apartment

giphyMaybe I just have a weird perception of this because of the hours spent watching Youtubers and sitcoms, but I feel that my house should be a little more decorated than it is now. Especially considering it’s been 8 months since I moved in. I mean, when upgrading to actual TV stand from plastic bucket is a feat on it’s own, there might be a problem. Not to mention I still don’t have nice curtains or anything really personal aside from a couple of posters and a bulletin board worth of pictures. Dammit! Why can’t I just have an apartment out of an Ikea catalog?! 凸(`0´)凸

Folding my Laundry

A few weeks ago I literally did not fold my laundry until it was time to do the next’s week worth of laundry. My freshly washed clothes stayed in my laundry basket for a whole week…which then forced my dirty clothes to be strewn across the floor along side my laundry basket. Even better, by the time I got around to folding it, all my t-shirts were already wrinkly…but am I going to iron them? Nah. That’s too much work. Wrinkled shirts it is! After all, it’s the grad student attire! (•̀o•́)ง


Taking Care of Plants

35850_all_016_01-plantsI like gardening. It’s relaxing. And green things make me happy. Yet for some reason remembering to water my plants is an absolutely impossible task! It would literally take two seconds to fill up a container and pour that desperately needed H2O onto my plants… But, nope! I’m just going to let them slowly die a painful, dehydrated death until they’re no longer green and no longer happy. 😦 My poor plants! I swear I love you! m(。≧ _ ≦。)m

Washing my Sheets in a Somewhat Consistent Basis

My brain knows that my sheets have not been washed for a few weeks. It knows that that’s kind of gross and I should get on that. But I cannot be bothered to make the two extra trips to my apartment’s laundry room in order to wash said sheets (There’s only one washer and dryer for a 12 unit complex…). So instead, every time I do laundry I grab my clothes from my room and glance longingly at my bed, wishing it would just clean itself and then proceeding to ignore the issue for another week or two. Yup. Who needs hygene, anyway.


Not Touching Hot Things

touching_hot_stoveI feel this is something you learn very, very quickly as a kid. Yet, for some my adult brain is unable to register that hot metal and glass look exactly like cold metal and glass… so caution should probably be used instead of, you know, carelessly grabbing it and burning off my fingers! I mean, for goodness sake, this was even something instilled in my brain as a chemist! Like, a five year old can navigate a kitchen without hurting themselves. Why can’t I?! (ノ♯`△´)ノ~’┻━┻

Remembering names (!!!)

sarahseeandersen-comics-name-1320161I am absolutely the worst person ever at remembering names. You could literally shout your name at me a million times or smack me in the face with it and I promise you that I’d still forget it five seconds later. And this might not seem like a big deal when you’re a kid, after all, kids have no shame in saying, “Oh! What’s your name again? I forgot…” But, as an adult it makes it very hard to not look like a complete dumbass in front of the people I might have to collaborate or network with. It’s like “Oh yeah, sorry. I know you’re important and I should really remember your name, but I’m incompetent and can’t handle such responsibility.” Cue awkward laughing. >\\\<

So there you have it! Here are all the recent things I’ve realized I fail at doing as an adult. Might I add that this is not even close to a complete list, but they were simply the ones I could remember and find cute pictures and emojis for! (I’m not even kidding.)

Anyway, I’m hoping this means that now I can hold myself accountable for them and, oh I don’t know, stop sucking at adulthood. But, even if that doesn’t work out, I hope at least one of you can relate to at least one thing on this list or like I said early, realize that at least you’re a better adult than me.


Anyway, this post was a bit unusual from the usual content I upload, so if you hated it…I’m sorry? Sometimes a girl just needs to rant about her life on her personal blog and show her sassy side! But, I mean, if you liked it, let me know! Though this blog will always mainly be filled with advice posts, I definitely wouldn’t mind making this blog a little more personal from time to time.

Also, I’ll be posting a blog update soon, but just a heads up that my posting schedule may get a little crazy over the next 6 – 8 weeks since I’m leaving soon for some field work. You’ll read about all that and more soon enough!



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