The name: I mean, I certainly feel a lot more confident after my morning cup of coffee, don’t you? …Oh, that’s just the caffeine kicking in? *shrugs* Whatever works…

The content: On this blog you can expect to find lots of complaining…lots and lots of complaining. (I am a grad student, after all.) But, stay around long enough and you’ll also find the tidbits of advice I wish I had when I started my academic journey. From study tips to STEM research to the crazy world of grad school—once a week I write about topics that will hopefully provide some much needed guidance to anyone who’s looking to navigate this crazy world of academia.

The writer: During the day, my head is in the clouds. Not literally. But as a PhD student studying atmospheric chemistry, my research does require me to think about the atmosphere and all the funky reactions happening within it. If you’re interested in going into the nitty gritty of my academic life and research, head on over to my academic website. If not, let’s just say I’m just a Caltech PhD student who needed a hobby and voila! A blog was born!

The disclaimer: The thoughts and advice expressed within this website have been created through the various processes occurring in my brain. Therefore, content in this blog has absolutely no affiliation with my research group, department or institution. Also, I try really hard to make sure that any material that is not mine is cited or linked back to its original owner. If you stumble across something that isn’t properly referenced, please let me know and I’ll correct it ASAP.


A Caffeine-Inspired Advice Blog

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