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Motivate Yourself!

Another personal post? What is this? I guess I just have a lot of feelings going into my second year which apparently get written out at 2 AM when I'm home alone (which means this was written last week. So hello from past Krystal!) Don't worry! There are some tips at the end and if you don't want to read through all the narrative...

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How to Read Science Papers: An Update

I have been doing a lot of reading lately. A lot of reading. I've been scouring through the literature so I can have a solid foundation before/while I write my NSF fellowship proposal for this year...the last year I can apply. However, as I've been reading, I've noticed that my methods of going through my many, many piles of papers has changed since this time last year.

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The Ruse is Up: My Dealings with Imposter Syndrome

I feel stuck and I don't know why. Everything is telling me that I should be having the time of my life. I'm going to my dream grad school. I'm working in a discipline that I love. I've successfully survived my first year. And terms such as "intelligent", "smart" and "successful" have been used to describe me--to describe my life. I mean, I suppose if I were to look at my CV I could maybe shrug in agreement... But I don't feel it.

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Maintaining Relationships in Grad School

I made a request a week ago for blog posts ideas, and this was one that made me extremely excited to write because I struggle with this all the time. In fact, when I went to a therapist to deal with anxiety issues, this was probably the number one things that was talked about during our sessions.

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Organizing my Grad School Life (Year 2)!

Hi everyone! Hopefully when you're reading this I'll be somewhere in Washington DC on vacation, so even though I got some amazing blog posts ideas this week on Tumblr, I thought I'd start off September with something a bit more chill and talk about how I plan to organize my life this year. This is… Continue reading Organizing my Grad School Life (Year 2)!

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Working from Home

I always thought that working from home is an art form. There have been many times where I wanted to be productive at home, yet these days are instead spent watching silly youtube videos or scrolling through Tumblr. You know, the complete opposite of what I'm aiming for. Go figure. Unfortunately when you're a student, sometimes… Continue reading Working from Home

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Caltech’s Chemistry Graduate Program

Oh hi there! I see you're interested in coming to Caltech Chemistry or at least want to learn about the Caltech Graduate Programs. I'm assuming that you stopped by our Graduate Program Website before heading this way, but perhaps just got a bit overwhelmed with all the information university websites seem to throw at you… Continue reading Caltech’s Chemistry Graduate Program

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Tips to Survive Your First Year of Grad School!

Hey! Hey! Guys, guess what? ...Did you guess yet? I'm a second year grad student!!! *internally screams* I know! I know! I don't believe it either! Despite this crazy ride, I somehow managed to get through my first year and live to tell the tale! I can hardly believe it myself. There were definitely times I… Continue reading Tips to Survive Your First Year of Grad School!

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Science isn’t Glamorous: A reason to unveil our struggles with science

Science is boring. This is probably a phrase you heard at least once in your life. Most likely, it came from the mouths of those who didn’t particularly enjoy science or didn’t do well in science-related classes. It was a comment that us scientists (or soon-to-be scientists) were always quick to defend. Maybe a little too… Continue reading Science isn’t Glamorous: A reason to unveil our struggles with science