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On Successful Test-Taking

The end of another term has arrived! Though it seems that a lot of schools are out for break, a few of you probably still have your week full of sole-crushing final exams to look forward to. My heart goes out to all of you because I think we can all agree that test-taking kind of sucks and most feel they're just not very good at it in the first place! However, I feel that test taking is an art that can definitely be taught. And once mastered, school definitely gets a lot easier.

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Working from Home

I always thought that working from home is an art form. There have been many times where I wanted to be productive at home, yet these days are instead spent watching silly youtube videos or scrolling through Tumblr. You know, the complete opposite of what I'm aiming for. Go figure. Unfortunately when you're a student, sometimes… Continue reading Working from Home

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Avoiding End of the Semester Chaos

It seems that there is always a point in the school terms where everything feels like it's piling up at once. Deadline after deadline approaches at lightning speeds and honestly all you want to do is catch your breath. I feel that 90% of the student population goes through this. Trust me. I'm going through… Continue reading Avoiding End of the Semester Chaos

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Anxiety in (Grad) School

Disclaimer: This post is just a single anecdote of my experiences with feelings of anxiety and my personal way of coping with it. I am my no means an expert and highly recommend that if you think you may be dealing with feelings of anxiety or have an anxiety disorder, that you seek help from… Continue reading Anxiety in (Grad) School

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Tips for Studying on your Period

Periods. They can be uncomfortable and annoying to deal with. Unfortunately, though, life doesn't stop for your period and those times of discomfort can arrive during times when term papers are due, exams are quickly approaching and studying just needs to get done. So, here are some things I do when I'm on my period in order… Continue reading Tips for Studying on your Period

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Undergrad Research FAQ

"Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought."~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Hello everyone! I wanted to present to you what I hope to become the "super duper guide to all that is undergrad research"! I know that before I entered college, I had absolutely no idea that undergrad research… Continue reading Undergrad Research FAQ

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Note-Taking for Different Lecture Styles

So, when I entered college, I was amazed at how many different lecture styles professors could have. Some used PowerPoints, some used the white board and some just talked at you and expected you to learn that way. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe amazed is not the right word. Maybe it’s better… Continue reading Note-Taking for Different Lecture Styles

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Starting off the semester right

Hi everyone, I hope this post finds you all prepared to start your winter/spring terms! Since I'm getting ready to go back to class myself, I thought I'd make a super duper quick post on some things I'm doing to start of the new semester on the right foot! 🙂 Hope this is helpful! Any… Continue reading Starting off the semester right

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Relieving Test Anxiety

Hello, my fellow students. Unfortunately, I greet you during that dreaded time of the year: finals week. And yeah, sure, the long nights of studying are pretty bad, admittedly. But, in my opinion, what can be even worse is that little voice in you head that that starts speaking up right before the final. You… Continue reading Relieving Test Anxiety

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Surviving Lab Classes

Extended version of this! Oh and sorta this too! As a STEM major, there is a high probability that you're going to have at least one class that has some sort of lab component. Whether it's a three to four hour lab once a week or in the worst case (read: as a chemistry major), two four-hour… Continue reading Surviving Lab Classes